Finals Frenzy

Written by Dr. Susan - May 10, 2012

It’s almost time for the end-of-year stress of finals, essays and report cards…yikes!

But the end of the year will be much less stressful if you take a few simple steps:

1. Get enough sleep. You may need to study and prepare, but giving up sleep for study won’t help. In fact, you won’t remember what you study if you are too tired.

2. A little caffeine is fine (about as much as ONE cup of coffee a day). BUT, too much is bad for you, especially when combined with other stimulants like you find in energy drinks. So STAY AWAY from energy drinks and limit caffeine. Your brain will thank you and you’ll do much better on your test.

3. Study alone and with friends. Studying alone will help you learn in one part of your brain while working in a group will teach you the material in a different part. This way, you’ll have it all covered and REALLY be prepared.

4. Eat breakfast. This will allow your brain to focus on school work and it will give your brain the energy it needs to learn!

Good luck!!


Dr. Susan

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