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It’s awesome that you signed up for the 4hg text club!

If you didn’t sign up for the text club yet, do that first.
I’m so happy you are interested in being on my Girls Advisory Board! Here’s how it works:


  • The members of Dr. Susan’s Girls Advisory Board (GAB) help to spread the word about the 4healthygirls text club in as many ways as you can—through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth.
  • Simply tell your friends to text DRSUSAN to 81680 or sign-up at
  • Encourage your friends to join the GAB with you! We need as many awesome, enthusiastic girls as possible spreading the word, because the more girls we sign up, the more girls there will be in the world getting inspirational, body-image boosting, self-esteem raising messages to feel good about themselves!!
  • Sending me YOUR ideas for inspirational texts (texts need to be under 100 characters, including spaces. Maybe yours will get published by 4hg and you will be famous!!
  • Send me your ideas for blog posts—recipes, health tips, inspiration, anything that would help girls. If your blog post is well-written and informative, it could get published!


  • Once you have actively participated for at least 3 months, you can consider this an internship for your HS or college resume. It can be an internship for a mobile marketing company (4healthygirls) or for a nationally recognized psychologist (Dr. Susan)
  • When you need it, I will provide you with a letter—on official letterhead—describing your internship and how you have contributed to helping girls around the world by spreading the 4thealthygirls message of good health, great body image and self esteem.
  • 4healthygirls will hold a raffle EVERY MONTH exclusively for the girls in the GAB—if you’re on the board, you’re automatically in. You might win a t-shirt or a gift card.

Are you in?

Send me your first name, email address and cell phone# with this form (this is how we choose raffle winners). We won’t use your number for anything else.

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