Halloween Happiness

Written by Dr. Susan - October 26, 2012

We all love Halloween! but don’t let it derail your healthy habits. To make sure that your Halloween fun doesn’t get you in trouble, start by trick or treating with a group of friends that are looking for FUN, not trouble! Stay away from drinking, crazy parties or costumes that might cause you embarrassment. Even better, instead or trick or treating, stick to a party with a few friends at home. Rent a scary movie and don’t get caught up in the craziness!

And what about all the candy? Pick the pieces that you REALLY love and give the rest to a friend or younger sibling. Don’t trade for candy you like, because you’ll just end up with even more candy, that your body doesn’t really need. Eat one or two small pieces a day as a snack; resist the urge to eat more! Your body will thank you for taking care of it the right way!!


Dr. Susan

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