It’s Pi (not pie!) day…what does math mean to you?

Written by 4hgdevin - March 12, 2012

3/14 is national pi day (because 3.14… is known as pi ). Did you know this?

Some girls are great at math, but some get cold sweats when they think about long division, trig or proofs). If you are one of these girls, it’s time to face your fear!

Some people–even parents, teachers and other adults–believe that math is a ‘boys’ domain, not something that girls should worry too much about.

NOT TRUE!! Your brain is just as capable of doing math as any boys and you should prove it to yourself and other. Even if math is hard for you, you can get help from your teacher or friends and get better at it.

The more you use your math brain, the stronger it will become. Remember, your brains ROCK!!


Dr. Susan

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