No summer slacking!

Written by Dr. Susan - June 29, 2012

Of course the summer is a great time to relax and catch up on sleep after a super-busy school Year. But…it is easy to get lazy in the summer…to spend all your free time sleeping, tanning or just hanging out.

So, it is important to find a balance between relaxing and still feeling that your summer is productive. Keeping busy and having a purpose are important no matter what time of year. When you have a purpose each day and week, you will feel better and be less likely to get in trouble or make unhealthy choices like drinking and drugs.

If you have a job or another structured activity, it’s easier to keep busy. If, like many girls, you don’t have a structure for your summer, then it’s time to make one before the summer is over. The way you do this is to…

  • Plan regular exercise and follow-through with it!
  • Read–either for the next school year or for pleasure. Aim to read at least three great books this summer because reading will help keep your brain sharp!
  • Clean your room. Really!! It’s great to start the school year with a clean, organized space and the summer is the perfect time for this.
  • Plan fun, healthy activities with friends or family. It’s great to have something to look forward to like a day hiking or rafting.

So…relax, but not too much!


Dr. Susan

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