Slide back into school

Written by Dr. Susan - August 15, 2012

For some girls going back to school is fun, others dread it. Which are you?

Whether you are excited about the arrival of the school year or wishing the summer would never end, it’s time to face it with a smile. To help you feel great about going back to school, try the following:

  • Connect with your friends, even if you haven’t seen them much this summer. Hearing their voices and seeing them will help you look forward to going back to school
  • Go through your closet. Trying on fall/school clothes will remind you of how many cute outfits you have in your closet that you haven’t worn in months. This will make you feel excited about going back to school.
  • Get school supplies. You may not yet know exactly what you will need for each class, but you can pick up some basics and some items that are personal to you (like a calendar or pencil case). New school supplies rock! And will help you look forward to the fresh start.
  • Plan a great activity for right before school starts (a fun dinner, trip to the beach). Something to look forward to before you get back to work

Have fun


Dr. Susan

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