Summer Shopping

Written by Dr. Susan - June 12, 2012

It’s that time of the year…time to shop for bathing suits. The big question is whether you should shop with friends, with your favorite adult or alone…

What’s your strategy??

my advice is to shop with the person that makes you feel best because shopping for bathing suits is considered, by many girls, to be a VERY stressful experience!!

SO…if your friends tend to be much thinner than you, or much more confident, it’s probably best not to shop with them for bathing suits. Even if your friends don’t look any better than you, if YOU feel anxious about shopping with them, then don’t!

AND…if you secretly feel that you look better than your friend, it’s still probably not a great idea to shop with her because you may feel stressed/worried that she will feel bad.

If you do shop with friends, be super careful about balancing honesty with being sensitive and ask your friend to do the same for you.

If you shop with a parent (or other adult) who may not realize that you’re feeling sensitive about bathing suit shopping, explain how you feel and ask them to be patient and sensitive!

If all else fails, shop alone or online. Sometimes that’s the best way to go!!

Happy shopping


Dr. Susan

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