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Did you know that thirty percent of preteen and teenage girls are overweight?

And if you are like most girls (and their parents!) you are confused by all the talk about fat-free, super-size low-cal, buy-one-get-one free, low-carb, high-protein diets and foods—which way is right? Dr. Susan can help you figure it out!

There is no doubt: teenage girls are overweight BUT dieting is not the answer!

Whether you are a preteen or teenage girl OR the parent of one, you probably know all about the huge battles that parents (especially moms!) and girls have about eating healthily, exercising and losing weight. It can be really tough and it can also completely stress your relationship with each other!

What are some tips to help a teen stay motivated to lose weight?

Motivation is one of the keys to sticking to healthier lifestyle. In Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide” girls are taught to recognize and overcome their personal barriers to motivation such as setting goals that are too high, overdoing it, and fearing change. They need to take small steps, one day at a time and take pride in each achievement without focusing far into the future or comparing themselves to other people.

Do friends typically help or hurt a girl trying to lose weight?

In many cases friends will be very supportive through the weight loss process—sometimes even more than families. But in other cases peers can be critical and insensitive to an overweight girl, making her feel lonely and sad. Rather than motivating her to lose this weight, this could, unfortunately make it more difficult.

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Book Reviews

“Thanks to Bartell, teenagers (and adults, too) will lose weight, learn a lot, and feel good about themselves—while having fun.”

—ForeWord Magazine

“If you’re frustrated that you’re overweight, then this book, written just for teens, is worth checking out…Dr. Susan understands how you feel…because she was an overweight teen.”

—San Diego Family Magazine

“Older tweens and teens will want to read from cover to cover… Parents will likely use this book differently…picking and choosing chapters to read…well worth having on the shelf.”

—Common Sense Media

“An amazing book that is a must read for parents and girls of all ages who are concerned with their weight and body image.”

—Janene Mascarella, Parenting and Family Life columnist, Long Island Exchange website

“I’d recommend [this book] to anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and been disappointed with what they see there.”

—Liza N. Burby, Managing editor of Newsday’s Parents and Children magazine, author of Bulimia Nervosa: the Secret Cycle of Bingeing and Purging

“Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide goes front and center in my waiting room library and will be recommended to every overweight girl I see.”

—Jonathan Trager, M.D., Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Great Neck, NY

“Consciously not a diet book, this straightforward guide aims to help girls develop healthy patterns and decision-making sills while also building their self-esteem.”

—Savvy Family magazine, May 2006 (recommended summer reading)

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