Today is National Wear Red Day…do you know what that is?

Written by 4hgdevin - February 3, 2012

Today is National Wear Red Day to remind us that heart disease kills more women than ALL cancers combined!

Do you think that you’re too young to worry about this? Actually, NOW is the the time to begin a ‘heart healthy’ life. It’s sort of like smoking–if you smoke as a teen or young adult, you could get lung cancer when you’re older. Same with your heart–if you don’t take care of your heart now, you might get heart disease when you’re older. Start right now by eating healthy foods, exercising most days, getting enough sleep, trying to reduce the stress and drama in your life, and if you smoke, quit now because it is also really bad for your heart. Your heart will thank you now and in the future! GO RED!

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