REALLY stick to your New Year Resolution this time!

Written by Dr. Susan - January 4, 2012

Many girls resolve to lose tons of weight, get a flat belly, stick to a serious diet, or run a marathon! You may really mean this when you make the resolve, but this type of reolution is probably not practical, realistic or even healthy!

Instead, make a resolution that you can really, truly keep. Pick something small and something that you can fit into your life right now. Some examples are:
–eat cereal with less sugar than you do right now
–exercise 10 minutes a day
–eat 2 more pieces of fruit a week
–switch one can of soda a day for one can of seltzer
–take the stairs, not the elevator
–instead of as handful of candy, try a handful of nuts
–eat one green salad a week
–switch one fast-food meal for one deli sandwich
–get 1 more hour a night of sleep; or take a 20 minute power nap

Remember, a resolution is only as good as the ACTION you take to stick with it. So, pick one of the things on this list and start right now! You can do it!

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